Clough Thuraisingham International

  • Established in 1925 in Malaysia
  • In Cambodia since 1995
  • Associates throughout the region
  • Extensive networking & contacts
  • Confidentiality & professionalism
  • One-office monitoring of client files in several countries
  • Client file access online AVAILABLE SOON

Why us?

Doing business in a third world or developing country where

  • there is a paucity of laws familiar to the international commercial investor;
  • there are no clearly defined or acceptable standards for dispute resolution;
  • the development of a robust legal and institutional framework is in its infancy;
  • One has to work within the context of differing cultural nuances and political sensitivities with diverse local commercial customs and practices

The need, therefore, for access to quality professional services cannot be understated. In many cases, as has happened in the past, this can make all the difference between success and failure. However quality legal services are generally available from law firms operating offshore in sophisticated markets but sometimes they can be somewhat removed from the realities on the ground vis-à-vis developing markets. Thus sourcing law firms with decades of experience in providing such skills, on the ground, in such “niche markets” is an important consideration.

We have been providing professional legal services in the region for upwards of 78 years. We believe that our extensive exposure, not only in providing legal services to the business community, but also with experience in advising on and drafting legislation for some of these countries, have given us a deep and intimate knowledge of the regional environment we work in. Together with our Associates, our exposure straddle some of the great legal systems found in these countries, ranging from the Common Law, to the Civil Law, the Roman-Dutch Law and the Islamic Law.

Ours is a partner driven “niche market” practice designed to focus primarily on the needs of the foreign investor, providing professional standards of service, at affordable cost, without in any way sacrificing quality.


About our principle


K.B.Thuraisingham is a Barrister from Lincoln’s Inn, London [1969] and was called to the Malayan High Court [1970] and the Singapore Supreme Court [1993]. He was also the pro-tem President and subsequently a Fellow and past President of the Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries, a body given formal recognition under the Malaysian Companies Act.


His Malaysian practice had focused on Corporation work with involvement in Corporate Insolvency, Corporate Rescues [Chapter 11 equivalent], Take-Over and Mergers and Corporate Reconstructions. He also served as Director of several Companies.

He was also a Banker with HSBC Bank Malaysia for eight years [1970-1978]. He served in all banking departments including service as the Bank’s first Forex Dealer in Malaysia. His last posting was as Head of Training, Malaysia, and his duties included responsibility for the training component for the Bank’s conversion to full EDP operations in early 1978. He left the Bank to take over the family Law Practice in mid 1978.


In Cambodia, in addition to his practice, Mr. Thuraisingham served as the SENIOR LEGAL ADVISER to the Ministry of Commerce Cambodia (2001-2003), in which capacity he has drafted or revised more than eight Laws to date. He has also advised:

  • the Ministry of Tourism, as its Principal Advisor (2005-2006) on its new Tourism Law, on the revision to the Bilateral Tourism Agreement with Vietnam and on policy matters; and the Ministry of Economy and Finance on a major forensic audit investigation;
  • the Council for the Development of Cambodia [CDC] on Dispute Conciliation Procedures;
  • several Law Reform Committees as a Member

As part of the range of services provided, Mr. Thuraisingham has also acted in the capacity of a Receiver of a locally registered company in substantial debt [to a major bank].


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